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Pre-Hospital Care Business - Start Your Own Business - Deliver in House & Save

Unlike an expensive franchise you can start your own first aid training business with very little initial investment and support and mentoring in our affiliate program.

  • Perhaps you currently have an established first aid business, and you want to change providers – Contact us here at International Paramedic College.
  • Maybe you feel like you are just paying a “certificate fee” and getting little in return then we can discuss a “real first aid partnership” with great admin support, clinical guidance and business/educational mentoring that can move your business out of 1st gear.
  • Maybe your organisation wants to complete its first aid training in house with their own training people to reduce the costs to your organisation through a simple service agreement.

International Paramedic College Australia has real partnerships and mentoring that can support you, so your business can work for you rather than you, working for your business. 

Perhaps you have come to this page searching because you are unhappy with first aid trainers or providers currently in your region or your location is just not serviced well by current first aid providers like Red Cross, St John Ambulance, TAFE or local community colleges.  If you know anyone who would make a great first aid course trainer in your then get them to contact us.

You can deliver nationally accredited WorkCover approved Childcare first aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis training, first aid training, advanced resuscitation and CPR courses in your town through a contracted partnership and mentoring arrangement with clinical experts. Using our clinical knowledge and support, local people can help locals learn first aid and lifesaving skills in emergency first aid situations.

Partners and Contractors in First Aid Training

International Paramedic College (IPC) is a paramedic managed and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45284) and we are looking for contractors and training partnerships with individuals and organisations who would like to develop their own first aid training and sales business, like:

 You may already have your own first aid business or first aid partnership and be looking for a supporting partner or RTO that can help you with more than just issuing certificates.

We have developed a unique mentoring program that includes weekly meetings to get your business working for you rather than you working for it. If you grow, we succeed. It’s better for you to build a saleable asset than just working for a wage that may not be enough.

Just like you found this page searching the internet you can leverage your first aid & CPR business with a partner organisation that allows opportunities for business operators to benefit from IPC’s solid industry experience and organisational strength (networking, administration, information systems and internet/social media marketing) while keeping the rewards from your own business development activities.

Our courses are designed by us from the ground up and meet the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines and standards for first aid training in Australia.

Like Universities and Colleges, the Red Cross and St John Ambulance, we are fully regulated by The Australian Governments Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to provide the health and safety qualifications we deliver. Our registration is through ASQA, the national government accreditation body to provide accredited qualifications and we offer workshops and non-accredited training to improve your knowledge of arterial bleeding, babies and parents first aid, “What to do until the ambulance arrives”, AED or defib familiarisation and community education courses.

AED Sales

We can offer our partners access to our national agreements to market and sell AEDs, defibrillators, medical supplies and accessories.


You have gained experience in prehospital care and have an ability to share that knowledge with others in an educational context.


Partners and Contractors in First Aid Training


Being accepted in a partnership with International Paramedic College overcomes many of the normal barriers to establishing a viable business for yourself.



The demand for workplace health and safety services is strong related to the high community expectations and subsequent government laws and regulations driving safe and healthy workplaces.


IPC has experienced staff who can provide ongoing business and professional support for its Associates. These staff are all responsible for the continued success.


IPC provides diverse services across all regions of Australia including (town name).


IPC has developed a sound reputation over its many years operating in the workplace .


IPC has the latest knowledge in pre hospital care and workplace health and safety. Associates benefit from this by being able to access the most up-to-date information so that they can give accurate and reliable advice.


Being part of a network increases the chance of success. The knowledge, skills and capabilities of this network provide considerable leverage when operating their business day to day. The network is a key differentiating factor in so far as it provides the opportunity to belong to a team of people who share the same passion and vision for the industry.